Body hair removal kit - Wax warmer + 2 PCS Brazilian wax + Wooden spatula

Kit epilazione corpo- Scaldacera+ 2 PZ cera brasiliana+ Spatola in legno


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Wax heater jar jolly 400ml

Jolly 400 is a practical and compact cooker that adapts well to all worktops.

The small size and the great power are the main features of this instrument.
Jolly 400 is equipped with fasche heating elements with crowding resistance, this allows a homogeneous heating on the entire surface of the can with adjustable melting temperature.

Medium spreader spatula, stainless steel with wooden handle

Brazilian Wax Brazilian Wax DEPIWELL

Brazilian Wax Brazilian Wax DEPIWELL:
Delicate wax without stripes
It melts at low temperatures, does not need adhesive strips, reduces the pain of traditional waxes.
400 ml

Use Mode
heat the wax
apply a layer with a spatula, leaving a thicker part
let it cool
take the thickest part and pull firmly against the hair