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All the secrets to guarantee the duration of the semi-permanent polish

The semi-permanent polish is an extraordinary product that if applied correctly has a duration of at least 3 weeks, without ever chipping. But to keep the glaze flawless all this time you need to follow some tips.

1) The mistake committed by many is in the application, in particular when the nail is not adequately covered with the sealant / polisher even in its thickness. POLISH POLISH GEL (product that seals the color and allows it to last up to 3 weeks) must be applied up to the end of the nail, and it must be spread to its thickness, covering it completely (see image on the side). The tip of the nail is the point where the enamel tends to chip more, if it is not covered even in its thickness, after a few days the color can chip. If applying the polish up to the thickness of the nail it happens to bleed on the skin, just clean it with a cotoncino before inserting the hand in the UV lamp.

2) The opposite must be done, for when it concerns the application in the initial part of the nail. It is always advisable to leave a slight margin of space (eg 1 mm or even less) after the cuticles (cuticles), (see image below), because if you overdo the color or polish over the cuticles, as you the nail grows a "step" is formed in the enamel, this over time is more likely to get up and chip off. The same thing applies to the application in the lateral part of the nail.

3) The polish polish gel (final sealant) must completely cover the enamel color, leaving no exposed parts.