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Trattamento Capelli Farmavit Auxidil tricoattivo extra forte + crescione con integratori vitaminici

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Super-intensive treatment in which science and nature form an alliance to naturally promote fall arrest and hair growth. Auxidil Tricoattivo + extraforte cress with vitamin supplements has been formulated with Auxina Tricogena + Crescione, whose juice is an excellent stimulant, suitable against hair loss. The action of the vitamins, introduced only at the time of use, allow a stimulation of the follicular microcirculation, preventing its aging. From a three-dimensional point of view, we feel empowered to state that the product represents a true complete intensive program against hair loss, making the best use of the modern substances approved by the Ministry of Health, and always respecting the indivisible relationship between effectiveness and harmlessness.

Contents: 1 20 ml / 12 sanitizing vial 10 ml / 1 lotion vials 150 ml shampoo bottle