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Trattamento Farmavit all'acido glicolico Glicotonic 8% 150 ml

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Thoroughly clean the part to be treated with 8% Glycolatte. Remove the Glycolatte residue using a 8% Glycotonic wipe. Apply the Glycosol solution with a brush choosing the concentration according to the blemish and type of skin; pay attention during this operation not to let drops of solution slide into the eyes, behind the neck or in particularly delicate areas of the body such as groin and hollow of the knees or elbows. Leave the product in place for no more than 1 minutes. Apply the Neutralizing solution, then rinse thoroughly with water removing any residual product well Complete the treatment by applying to the treated areas the Carrot Calming Mask and then a specific cream from the Dr. Carlotta Fedele Line, according to the goal to be achieved (moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, etc.). The Treatment should be continued at home with the use of Glycolatte, Glycotonic and Glycolic Acid Cream 10 by Dr. Carlotta Fedele. The treatment can be repeated once a week for about three months.