Professional Parlux 3800 Eco Friendly Ionic Hair Dryer & Ceramic Edition - Various Colors

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The professional Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly® hair dryer reinforces the main PARLUX feature of long life, coupled with greater power, an ideal shape and size.

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Furthermore, the innovative Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly® is designed to protect the environment and sustainable development and is therefore marked by the "Eco Friendly Parlux Product" brand


Equipped with a built-in silencer that greatly reduces the "noise" perceived by the professional and the customer.

Indispensable for the health of the hair and for the elimination of static electricity from the hair.

Recyclable raw materials - Low noise pollution - Fast drying for energy savings.

The Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly® retains the main characteristics of silence (with built-in silencer), balancing and easy handling of already established Parlux models. Moreover, the power of the Parlux 3800 Ecofriendly® allows drying and styling in less time, optimizing the consumption of electric current.

Equipped with 2 quick-release nozzles that allow a quick and safe assembly. The first nozzle for perfect styling and the second nozzle for quick drying.


2,000 hours
Air flow:

75 m3 / h
Cold air:

Microswitch-operated snapshot
2 speeds
Ionic & Ceramic ® Technology

Indispensable for health and for the elimination of static electricity from the hair

2,100 Watts
Built-in silencer
3 meters of very strong cable
4 temperatures
Eco Friendly®

Low environmental impact to safeguard energy consumption and the environment