Tint Cream Dye Anti-Yellow Action - Fenola No Yellow

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No Yellow Color is the innovative anti-yellowing coloring cream formulated without Ppd and enriched with special high-performance three-dimensional antireflection pigments.

Dedicated to blond hair, bleached and lightened it allows you to create pure blondes, absolute and impeccable.

Formula: delicate without Ppd Gamma: 9 special colors dedicated to the blonde in all its expressions
Aroma: Berries
Active ingredients: Blackberry Extract, Grapes, Blueberry with conditioning, antioxidant and emollient properties for a healthy, vital and soft hair

Mix: with Fanola activators 3,5-10-20-30-40 vol.
Use: Mixing: Color cream 1: 1.5 perfumed hydrogen peroxide;
Super lightening color cream and 1: 2 toner perfumed hydrogen peroxide;
ML.00 1: 3 perfumed hydrogen peroxide.