Cocoa and Argan discipline kit 1000 ml shampoo and 1000 ml + mask + free vial structure-seliar discipline

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Kit Discipline Cacao e Argan Shampoo da 1000 ml e Maschera da 1000 ml


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Disciplining mask frizzy hair and rebels, cocoa and argan. The special synergy of cocoa butter and argan oil discipline and feeds the hair intensely, keeping it lying and reducing the volume. District and moisturize with effective anti-crack, antistatic and anti-moisture action, making hair relaxed, light and bright without weighing down. Seal the scales and smooth the cuticle, keeping it uniform and compact. How to use: After shampoo, apply uniformly and comb with buffered hair on lengths and tips. Apply a headphone and leave on 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Pack of 1000ml. Anticrespo shampoo for unruly hair, frizzy and rebels It gently cleanses and instantly eliminates the crepeous effect for a smooth and smooth hairstyle. The synergy of cocoa butter and argan oil, it brings strength, softness and extraordinary shine, without weighing down. How to use: Apply to wet hair, gently massage, then rinse. Pack of 1000ml