Hair Color Cream Color 100 ml - Professional Racioppi

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Hair Color Cream Color 100 ml - Professional Racioppi

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The Racioppi Color Cream is a revolution in coloring. A complete, protective and innovative coloring system. A range of shades, including correctors that always guarantees absolutely safe, reliable and long-lasting results. Colorant cream that respects skin, hair and allows to achieve uniform, luminous and brilliant colors. High moisturizing and treating cream. Richness, purity, depth and natural reflexes.

APPLICATIONS: apply to unwashed dry hair. Prepare the cream Colored Racioppi with the corresponding hydrogen peroxide: 10vol (3%) - 20vol (6%) - 30vol (9%) - 40vol (12%)

PREPARATION: mix 100ml of Racioppi coloring cream with 150ml of Racioppi hydrogen peroxide. Mixing ratio 1: 1.5 Installation time 30/40
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