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Seliar Total One Hair Spray Mask 200 ml

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Seliar Total One Hair Spray Mask 200 ml

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Particularly moisturizing, restoring and detangling.

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Particularly moisturizing, restoring and detangling, it nourishes the hair in depth, making them viable, to comb, shiny, silky and elastic. 
Enriched with: Argan Oil Flax seeds Silk Proteins
Use: apply to wet hair, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse
1. Nourishes and hydrates dry/coloured/treated hair
2. Detangles unruly hair
3. Weightless softening action
4. Eliminates frizz
5. Effective anti-flyaway action
6. Enhances and protects cosmetic colors
7. Restructures damaged hair
8. Restores body and volume to fine hair
9. Films and seals cuticles
10. Protects from heat, humidity and UV rays
11.Eliminates and prevents split ends
12. Speeds up blow-drying times and facilitates smoothing action
13. Counters cellular ageing (anti-oxidizing)
14. Leaves hair splendid and brilliant
15. Envelopes hair in a delicate fragrance


Spray over damp hair, comb and style as usual.
Weight 200 ml